How do I donate?

You can easily and securely donate to support Lumad children online through our donation form below. Your personal information is 100% safe -- we will never trade, sell, or release your information for any reason.

OR for EU and SEPA country bank holders

You can donate via direct bank transfer (without extra cost) to:

Account name: Stg. Filippijnse Kinderen
IBAN: NL 83 TRIO 0379 2148 06

Why give to Foundation for Filipino Children?

For a long time, the Philippine government has abandoned its responsibility in making education accessible for Lumad communities leaving them with no option but to walk for several hours just to get to the nearest public school.

But because of their eagerness to learn and develop their rich culture and tradition, people’s organizations of Lumad persevered to establish their own learning institutions and programs with the help of faith-based groups and cause-oriented organizations.

The school curriculum is grounded on their culture and way of life that reflects their deep sense of identity as Lumad.

Your gift helps do the following things:

  1. Expose and oppose the militarization and plunder of Lumad’s ancestral lands, specifically in the Pantaron Range (Pantaron is a mountain range straddling across the provinces of Misamis OrientalBukidnonAgusan del NorteAgusan del SurDavao del Norte and Davao del Sur)

  2. To exact accountability from various government agencies involved in the cases of military attacks against Lumad community schools under President Duterte’s Martial law

  3. To pressure the Department of Education to withdraw its resolution ordering the closure of Salugpongan schools and to issue the Permit To Operate (PTO) of all Lumad schools in Mindanao

  4. To foster solidarity between urban based/Metro-Manila-based advocates (groups and individuals) and the Lumad evacuees in Manila.

  5. Continue the provision of education services for the Lumad evacuees and in the campaign against militarization and state-sponsored human rights violations and for the preservation of their ancestral domain.

The Bakwit School’s success is made possible through the help of people like you. This year, the fight of Lumad for their right to education, land and self-determination continues.


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