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WOW successfully raises funds for Lumad Bakwit Schools

The Women for Filipino Women and Children (WOW) rounded up its fleamarket (Ukay-Ukay) last November 29, 2020, collecting a total of three hundred seventy-nine (379.00) Euros to benefit the foundation’s campaign to Support the Lumad Bakwit Schools.

The Foundation for Filipino Children wishes to thank all who participated in the event. You may still contribute to this campaign by sending in your donation through:

  • A simple bank transfer to Triodos Bank (recommended for European Union bankholders):

Account name: Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen

IBAN:    NL83 TRIO 0379 2148 06

Swift code/BIC: TRIONL2U

Address: Burgemeester Patijnlaan 14, 3705CE Zeist, the Netherlands

Please indicate: “Support Lumad children”

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Invitation to an online fundraiser, 29 November 2020

Welcome to our online ukay-ukay (flea market)!

By selling all kinds of items, ranging from books to clothes to handmade soaps to jewelery to trendy bags and other accessories, we are raising money for the Lumad school children. The Lumad are from various indigenous tribes in the Philippines who need our support because they have been driven from their homeland. More information about the Lumad will be shared in the event over the next few weeks. We hope everybody will attend and find something they like! All sales happen online due to Covid-19.

This event is brought to you by Women for Filipino Women and Children in cooperation with the Foundation for Filipino Children.

Welkom op onze online ukay-ukay (vlooienmarkt)! Door allerlei spulletjes te verkopen, variërend van boeken tot kleding en handgemaakte zeepjes tot sieraden tot trendy tassen en andere accessoires, zamelen we geld in voor de Lumad schoolkinderen. De Lumad zijn een inheemse stam in de Filippijnen die onze steun nodig hebben omdat ze van hun grondgebied zijn verdreven. Meer informatie over de Lumad wordt de komende weken tijdens het evenement gedeeld. We hopen dat iedereen komt en iets vindt dat ze leuk vinden! Alle verkoop vindt online plaats ivm corona.

Dit event wordt georganiseerd door Women for Filipino Women and Children, in samenwerking met Stichting Filippijnse Kinderen.

Learn more about the Lumad:

Invitation to a Webinar

Women for Filipino Women and Children (WOW), International Women’s Alliance (IWA) – Netherlands and the Foundation for Filipino Children (Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen)

cordially invite you to a WEBINAR

Amidst DUTERTE’s “War on Drugs”: A mother’s search for justice

On 06 June 2020

3:00 pm Amsterdam, Netherlands

To get the link for Zoom, please pre-register:  HERE

6:00 am Vancouver, Canada and Los Angeles, California / 7:00 am Guatemala City, Guatemala / 10:00 am Buenos Aires, Argentina / 1:00 pm Dakar, Senegal / 6:00 pm Karachi, Pakistan / 9:00 pm Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Manila, Philippines / 9:00 am EDT, Montreal, Canada and New York / 11:00 pm Melbourne, Australia / 4:00 pm Nairobi, Kenya and Amman, Jordan / 8:00 am Mexico City, Mexico / 3:00 pm Lusaka, Zambia

Llore Pasco is a strong and courageous woman. She is the mother of Juan Carlos and Crisanto Lozano, who were killed by the police on May 12, 2017. Like many other victims of Duterte’s war on drugs, Nanay (mother) Llore seeks justice for her two sons.  She is with us to share her pains as well as her hope in looking for justice, while holding on to the collective strength of other mothers and families grieving yet fighting for the loss of their loved ones.  She is here to share her story, her hope and her reason for fighting for justice.

Currently, Nanay Llore is an active leader of Rise Up for life and for rights, a network of families of victims of drug related killings and human rights violations and advocates to Stop the Killings!



Women for Filipino Women and Children, or WOW, is an organization based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It is a founding member organization of the International Women’s Alliance (IWA). Among its activities is generating solidarity support for women and children in the Philippines.

International Women’s Alliance – the Netherlands:

IWA Netherlands was just organized in 2020. Among its first activities was to participate in the celebrations of International Working Women’s Day on March 7, 2020 in Utrecht, the Netherlands and in Amsterdam on March 8, 2020. Among its other activities is linking up with women’s organizations in the Netherlands.

Foundation for Filipino Children: Established in 1993, committed to promoting the rights and welfare of the Filipino child. It is a proud member of the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP).


Rise Up for Life and for Rights is an alliance that was started to respond to the upsurge in Drug-Related Killings (or Extra-Judical Killings since all these killings are because of a state policy under Duterte’s so-called “War on Drugs”) in the Philippines. Initiated by Church and human rights advocates as well as social activists, it is envisioned as an organization of survivors/ victims/families affected by the Drug-Related Killings with the solidarity and broad support from  concerned citizens from across the country and around the world. Its secretariat is hosted by the Promotion of Church People’s Response in the Philippines.

Lumad children value their education

The mountainous countryside of Mindanao, Southern Philippines is home to the indigenous Lumad communities whose lives are constantly threatened by militarization and state-sponsored attacks. Through sheer determination and with the help of non-governmental organizations, they were able to establish their own schools for the education of Lumad children based on a homegrown curriculum that respects and promotes their indigenous rights and way of life. Today, many of these Lumad schools have been forcibly closed as nearby communities evacuate their homes to flee from continuing threats, harassment and killings.

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Thank you for your continuing support!

The Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen (Foundation for Filipino Children) wishes to thank all who have helped us raise a total of €2257.06 for the Lumad Bakwit School in Metro Manila. Donors come from Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Canada, the USA and Australia.

Your gift made a significant difference to children like Katkat at the Lumad Bakwit School in Metro Manila.

Life tries to go on in the Bakwit School for displaced Lumad children, but they have had to adjust to the heavy-handed military quarantine in Luzon.

“Food and other resources are a serious challenge in this time of enhanced quarantine since we can’t leave the premises”, Bakwit School teachers worry for the next few weeks and months with the enhanced quarantine that could cut off resources for the students.

We know that times are becoming difficult with much of the world experiencing fear, anxiety, and social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This type of experience is an everyday reality for many Filipinos, especially these Lumad students.

But amidst all these, we are reassured, more than ever, that it is the people’s collective movement that will defeat not just this virus but social inequality and injustices!

Give today.

We hope that you and your family keep safe in the coming days. It is through social solidarity, and not isolation that we all keep safe.

With gratitude, and solidarity,

Angie, Consie and Lyn

Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen

P.S. Every small donation counts. Please give the gift of social solidarity in these trying times.


Covid-19 pandemic affects life in Bakwit School

Reference: Rius Valle, Spokesperson, SOS Network, +639276995817

Life tries to go on inside the “Bakwit School” of the displaced Lumad children inside UP Diliman, but they, too, had to adjust to the enhanced community quarantine in the entire Luzon.

A “no visitor policy” was implemented by the university and college administrators in the Bakwit School.

But in the bakwit community, activities still abound for some 100 school children.

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Lumad day visit: Happy Bonding Moments

27 DECEMBER, Philippines – Lyn and Consie, officers of the Foundation for Filipino Children (Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen), visited the Lumad kids in UP Diliman, Quezon City. These children are the foundation’s beneficiary for its project, Support Lumad Bakwit Schools. 

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Meet Angel May and Bandam

The Bakwit School 2019 – 2020

For the Lumad, it takes a village to raise a child and a movement to build schools.

In most far-flung communities of indigenous people, learning is a painstaking process. For a long time, the Philippine government has abandoned its responsibility in making education accessible for Lumad communities leaving them with no option but to walk for several hours just to get to the nearest public school.

But because of their eagerness to learn and develop their rich culture and tradition, Lumad communities persevered to establish their own learning institutions and programs with the help of faith-based groups and cause-oriented organizations. Their school curriculum is grounded on their culture and way of life that reflects their deep sense of identity as Lumad.

In response to the escalating human rights violations, the Save Our Schools (SOS) Network launched last year the Lumad Bakwit School in Metro Manila as part of the campaign to highlight the issue of military attacks on Lumad schools while ensuring the continuity of the operation of Lumad community schools even in evacuation centers.

This school year, some seventy-two (72) students are again in Metro Manila, Bandam and Angel May only two among them. Follow their stories and help the Foundation for Filipino Children in amplifying their calls and advocacies!

The success of this work is only made possible through the help of people like you. This year, the fight of the Lumad for their right to education, land, and self-determination continues.

Let us all be part of the movement to build and support the Lumad Bakwit School!

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Swiss volunteer group urges reopening of Lumad schools

This article originally appeared on https://www.mindanews.com/, by Brady Eviota. It is reposted here, with no affiliation.

For Monika Baumann, it feels like their 28 years of work to uplift the plight of Lumads, or the indigenous peoples of Mindanao, was going the drain.

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Lumad children join the commemoration of Bonifacio Day in Manila

Lumad children from the Save our Schools Network joined the November 30 Bonifacio day protest rally. They have been in Manila since July this year and staying in the Lumad Bakwit school, an evacuation school for them, as they’re forced to seek refuge in the main capital due to intensified militarization in their communities.