Kyle’s Walk of the World Collection as of 31 August 2014

As of 31 August 2014, the total amount collected for the Hand for an Orphan project of the Children’s Rehabilitation Center has reached €1640 (Euros), CHF 200 (Swiss francs) and PhP 1790 (Philippine pesos).

Due to a couple of requests from other sponsors, we are extending the collection until the end of September 2014. Thank you very much!!!

Kyle’s Walk of the World 2014

Come 15-18 July 2014, now 17-year old Kyle Baleva will be participating in the 98th edition of the Walk of the World in Nijmegen for the 5th time. This year, he will walk a total of 160 kilometers to gather donations for orphans in the Philippines. The amount collected will be sent to support the Children’s Rehabilitation Center’s Hand for an Orphan program.

Through the donations received from Kyle’s Walk of the World in 2009, six orphans were provided with educational and nutritional support for one year. In 2010, a total of about 40 orphans (aged 3 to 16) were able to participate in a peace camp. The activity provided these children a means to express their deep longing for peace and justice through creative work and play. In 2011 and 2012, the money collected was not only able to support some very basic needs of 6 young orphans, it made possible the organization of yet another peace camp participated in by about 100 children from different parts of the country!

In 2013, Kyle unfortunately had some health issues, hindering him from doing the annual walk. It is very heartening to note though, that some sponsors continued to send their support for the orphans even then. On behalf of Sugar, Karlo, Philip, Jan Karlo, Jackielyn Karla, and Lorraine, we thank you for your unwavering support!

We take this opportunity, too, to announce that this year is Kyle’s final walk with the Vierdaagse Nijmegen. As much as he would want to continue doing this to raise funds for the orphans back home, we foresee that next year will be a very busy one for him, as Kyle completes his 6th year from the Utrechts Stedelijk Gymnasium, and move on to the university.

You may send your donation to:
Account Name: Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen
IBAN: NL98INGB0004278866

For international transfers (from banks outside of the Netherlands), please include BIC: INGBNL2A

Please indicate: “Sponsor Kyle” and please send an email to to inform us about your donation; we shall  likewise send you acknowledgement by email as soon as we receive your donation in the bank.

Walk of the World 2012: 160 kilometers completed by Kyle G. Baleva at 15:59, Friday, 20 July!

welcomersKyle was greeted by a big group of friends and family at the end of the Via Gladiola on Friday, the last day of the 96th edition of the VIerdaagse Nijmegen. Bravely going through the heat, rain, great crowd (he finds the latter to be his most formidable challenge) and a total distance of 160 kilometers in a span of 4 days, he finally was able to receive his 4th “Vierdaagsekruis” medal, clocking in at 15:59.

We also received messages through SMS, internet-based social media and email from other friends and family around the world to congratulate Kyle. We have already received a total of 1155 Euros donations through the bank and through the official “sponsorloop” website, and expect at least 500 Euros more in the next few weeks from pledges.

We are very relieved that in spite of the longer distance this year, Kyle still did not suffer from any blisters nor any other physical injury. Asked if he will be walking again next year, he immediately answers, “Of course, the orphans still need our help!”

Again, on behalf of Kyle and the CRC, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors and donors thus far! Donations are still very much welcome, preferably before the end of August (we will be sending the money to the Children’s Rehabilitation Center by then):

Account name: Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen    Account number: 4278866    Please indicate: “Sponsor Kyle”

For international transfers (from banks outside of the Netherlands):                                                                                               Please use IBAN: NL98INGB0004278866    BIC: INGBNL2A

For any message or inquiries, please contact us at our email: We would appreciate receiving sponsor’s email addresses or postal addresses so that we can acknowledge your donation as soon as they appear in our bank account records and send you periodic updates and the terminal report of the project, too.

Kyle’s Walk of the World 2012 SECOND DAY REPORT

Second Day 2012Again averaging 5 kilometers per hour, Kyle trekked through the adjacent towns Wijchen and Beunigen from and back to Nijmegen in almost 8 hours! Today, the weather was wonderfully dry but cool, in contrast to the previous 2 days. There were clouds all over, but only enough to shield them from the scorching rays of the sun.

He started off from the Wedren at 5:38 and was able to return at 13:33 in the afternoon. He did have some pains on his legs and big toe — but he shortly recovered with a little rest, refreshing shower and a little nap. By 6:30 in the evening, he was ready to enjoy the sumptuous meal prepared by our dearest hosts. Using fresh vegetables from her own garden, Marianne whipped up a delicious dish with couscous and shrimps! We all then took our desserts while watching the Vierdaagse journal from the local channel, Omroep Gelderland.

Kyle has now retired to bed, after a foot massage with the aid of a coconut based body lotion (from the Philippines, courtesy of an uncle). Tomorrow, he is set to start at 6:15 in the morning, with a forecast of rain and brief thunderstorms!!!

Kyle was in one of the scenes in a TV news program of the Vierdaagse. It was taken at the start of the first day (17 July). Watch out for him between frames from 11:00 to 11:05 minutes:

As for the collections thus far, we received 110 Euros more in the bank account today – thank you so much to our sponsors! Your generous contributions will surely go a long way for the orphans of extrajudicial killings and other human rights violation victims in the Philippines.

DAY 2 UPDATE (2012 edition)

You can find where Kyle is along the route by following him via the internet. Just go to the website:, type Kyle’s “loopnummer” (walk number in English): 40G461, and follow him through the blue route today. Dag 2: Wijchen (Day 2: through Wijchen)

Kyle’s Walk of the World 2012 FIRST DAY REPORT

Day 1Kyle has successfully finished his first 40 kilometers on the first day of the Four-day Walk of the World! Hoera!

With an average speed of 5 kilometers per hour, he reached the “finish line” almost exactly 8 hours after they started off in the morning. Setting-off at 6:45, he reached Vossenpelsestraat in Lent (6.1 Km) by 7:47. They then proceeded to Angeren (9:27) and further to Elst (11:13), after taking a pause for lunch, they followed the route towards Oosterhout (13:12). In no time, they were back at the Wedren in Nijmegen at 14:44.

During the day, “uncles”, “aunts” and friends were sending their best wishes for Kyle and sent encouraging messages through the email, facebook and text messages. These were warmly welcomed by Kyle…thank you everyone, for your kind words!

Kyle ended the day with a hearty dinner of “longganisa” (Filipino sausages), fresh vegetable salad with balsamico sauce and rice and capped it with ice cream for dessert. He is now snugly tucked in bed because he needs to rise at 4:00 in the morning to be able to start at 5:15 tomorrow.

Money at the bank increased to 395 Euros, while the “sponsorloop” website revealed a total of 295 Euros. Thank you, dear sponsors! Do please continue to spread the word to your networks – forward these emails, follow us on Facebook and share our posts to your friends!

DONATIONS welcome through:

Account Name:         Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen
Account number:     4278866 (for bank accounts from the Netherlands)

For international transfers (from banks outside of the Netherlands)
IBAN: NL98INGB0004278866

Related article in Dutch (4daagsehelden), written in 2010:


Kyle’s Walk of the World 2012 has begun!

Kyle woke-up today at 5:00 in the morning to gear himself up for the first day of the Vierdaagse Nijmegen. By 6:00 o’clock, he, together with his father and co-walker/friend Coby, stepped out of our foster home (owned by the greatest couple in Nijmegen, Marianne and Co!) onto the starting line at the Wedren.

Though this is the 4th time that Kyle joined some 45000 other walkers of the Four-day Walk of the World, this will be the first time that he will be walking through the 40 kilometer route. He used to walk a total of 120 kilometers, now he is registered to go through a total of 160 kilometers in the upcoming 4 days. As he turned 15 last year, he took the challenge of taking the normal adult distance in this year’s walk. He trained hard for this, also hoping to get more sponsors for the orphans back home (in the Philippines).

Weather forecasts were telling us to expect a rather wet 96th edition of the Vierdaagse Nijmegen. And registration day (yesterday) proved to be really rainy! But we are hoping that today will be a little bit drier – Kyle hopes to walk under cloudy skies and only through intermittent showers.

You can find where Kyle is along the route by following him via the internet. Just go to the website: , type Kyle’s “loopnummer” (walk number in English): 40G461, and follow him through the green route today. Dag 1: Elst (Day 1: through Elst)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have sent in their donations already! We have actually received the total amount of 275 Euros in the Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen account, while the official Vierdaagse Sponsorloop site shows a total amount of 285 Euros. These donations and messages have come from all over the Netherlands, Germany and the US.

You may still send your contributions through:

  1. The Vierdaagse Sponsorloop site (in Dutch), by clicking on the link:

and further clicking on the red text “Ja, ik wil graag Kyle sponsoren” below his write up. Please fill the form page up and your donation will be transferred to our account after Kyle crosses the finish line on Friday.

Or if the link does not lead directly to Kyle’s page, go to: go to “HOME”, click on “Ik wil doneren” (found on the right hand column of the page), then type in BALEVA and click on “ZOEKEN”, then click on the red lettered “PROFIEL” and you should find Kyle’s page. Follow the instructions above.

  1. OR directly to our bank account:

Account Name:         Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen
Account number:      4278866 (for bank accounts from the Netherlands)

For international transfers (from banks outside of the Netherlands)
IBAN: NL98INGB0004278866

Please indicate “Sponsor Kyle” and please send an email to to inform us about your donation; we shall send you an acknowledgment (also by email) as soon as we receive your donation in the bank. Likewise, we will send you periodic updates (during and after the walk, end of the year), and the full terminal report of the project by first quarter of next year.

We have received more pledges amounting to about 600 euros and encouraging messages from friends all over the world. You may still help us to help more orphans in the Philippines by sending in your contributions and sharing this letter to your friends!

Thank you and we will be back later this evening to report on Kyle’s first day.

Kyle’s Walk of the World 2011 1st day report

Kyle started the Four-Day Walk of the World at 7:48 and clocked back in at 14:21. He trekked the 32.8 kms. through the nearby municipality of Elst before going back to “de Wedren” (start and finish line in Nijmegen), walking at a pace of about 4km/hour.

More messages of encouragement and donations are also coming in. Again, our warmest gratitude to those who have contributed to this cause!

Tomorrow, 20 July (up until Friday 22 July), you may still follow Kyle (live!) via internet through

Donations may be coursed through the official sponsor site of the Vierdaagse Nimegen:

OR through the following bank account:
Account Name: Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen
Bank account number: 4278866
and for international transfers (outside of the Netherlands) IBAN: NL98INGB0004278866  BIC: INGBNL2A

Please continue to send your messages for Kyle through email: Do please feel free to forward this action to your network as well.

Kyle, with his father Boyen, lines up with the 42,812 registered participants to the 95th Vierdaagse Nijmegen