Kyle’s Walk of the World THIRD DAY REPORT

We are very glad to report that Kyle successfully hurdled his 3rd 40 kilometers today! He is quite confident to be able to finish all of the four days’ walk tomorrow. Before starting out in the morning, we have come to know that out of the 40630 people who actually started the walk 17th of July, 317 had fallen out after the first day and 908 more did not get to finish the second day. More are expected to have fallen out today.

Kyle arrived back at the Wedren (start and finish points in Nijmegen) at 3:11 in the afternoon, amidst large drops of rain. But he did not mind the rain too much, saying he even had a better day today than yesterday. This was in spite of the fact that they had to go through the so called “Seven hills” (Zevenheuvelen in Groesbeek) – a path seen by his father as being the hardest among the four routes.

We, too, are confident that he shall complete all of the 160 kilometers and walk through the Via Gladiola tomorrow. After a healthy dinner planned and prepared by our “sister”, Coby, Kyle is all set to go on the last stretch from 6:15 again tomorrow. Together with some very good friends, we will be awaiting father and son at around 3:00 in the afternoon, and welcome them with the traditional gladioli.

We would like to thank those who have sent in their donations already (even before Kyle actually finishes!). We have now received a total of 615 Euros in the bank and will be processing the 295 Euros worth of pledges in the official Vierdaagse sponsor site soon after tomorrow. We hope to be able to receive all donations by August 15, 2012 so we could send the proceeds to the Children’s Rehabilitation Center in the latter half of that month.

We hope you can help us further by spreading the news to your friends and encouraging them to contribute to the project as well.

Kyle’s 4e Wereldloop voor Weeskinderen

Calubad orphans

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Van 17-20 juli a.s. zal de 15-jarige Kyle Baleva voor de vierde keer meedoen aan de Wandelvierdaagse van Nijmegen om geld op te halen voor weeskinderen in de Filippijnen. Dit geld zal besteed worden aan schoolmateriaal, voedsel, medicijnen en andere behoeften voor de kinderen wier ouders zijn ontvoerd of om het leven zijn gebracht.

In de Filippijnen raakt een toenemend aantal kinderen hun ouders kwijt door ontvoering of moord. Hun aantal is sinds 2001 zelfs hoger dan tijdens de jaren van de Marcos dictatuur van 1966-1986. Mensen die werken aan maatschappelijke verbeteringen deden dat toen, en nu weer, niet zonder gevaar voor eigen leven.

Het Kinderrevalidatie Centrum (CRC) verleent psychosociale hulp aan kinderen en hun families die slachtoffer zijn geworden van mensenrechtenschendingen en andere catastrofe. Met het speciale programma “Hand for an Orphan” (handreiking aan een weeskind) steunen zij deze kinderen samen met verschillende organisaties en personen om betere hulp te kunnen bieden.

In 2009 konden met het geld, dat Kyle’s Wereldloop opbracht, zes weeskinderen geholpen worden (lesmaterialen en voedsel voor een jaar). In 2010 werd het geld o.a. besteed aan een vredeskamp. Aan het kamp namen 40 weeskinderen deel in de leeftijd van 3 tot 16 jaar. Hiermee geven ze een stem aan de weeskinderen, die op deze wijze uiting geven aan hun verlangen naar vrede.

Vorige jaar konden met het geld nog een keer zes weeskinderen geholpen worden en een vredeskamp met 100 deelnemers georganiseerd.

Steun weeskinderen in de Filippijnen. Steun Kyle om deze kinderen te helpen!

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KYLE’S 4TH WALK OF THE WORLD (for “A Hand for an Orphan” project)

Come 17-20 July 2012, 15-year old Kyle Baleva will be participating in the 96th edition of the Walk of the World in Nijmegen for the 4th time in a row. This year, he will walk a total of 160 kilometers to gather donations for orphans in the Philippines. The amount collected will be used for educational and school materials, nutritional support, medicines and other needs of children whose parents were either disappeared or killed.

In the Philippines today, hundreds of children have been orphaned due to political killings and disappearances. Since 2001, the numbers of these victims have risen to proportions even greater than that during the 20-year Marcos dictatorship (1966-1986). Filipinos continue to struggle for their basic rights and better social conditions, not without risks to their very lives.

The Children’s Rehabilitation Center provides psychosocial support for children (and their family) who have been victims of human rights violations, natural disasters and sexual abuse. A special program, A Hand for an Orphan, provides support for children who were orphaned due to political killings and disappearances. Together with other organizations such as the Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen and concerned individuals, CRC can continue providing the children an opportunity for survival and healing.

Through the donations received from Kyle’s Walk of the World in 2009, six orphans were provided with educational and nutritional support for one year. In 2010, a total of about 40 orphans (aged 3 to 16) were able to participate in a peace camp. The activity provided these children a means to express their deep longing for peace and justice through creative work and play.

Last year (2011), the money collected was not only able to support some very basic needs of 6 young orphans, it made possible the organization of yet another peace camp participated in by about 100 children from different parts of the country.

Help orphans in the Philippines. Help Kyle help other children!

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Kyle walks 120km for A Hand for an Orphan project

Kyle Baleva (left) with his Nijmegen foster family Marianne Jansen and Co Martens. At right is Angie M. Gonzales, Kyle's mother and Chairperson of the Foundation for Filipino Children.It is our honor to inform you that Kyle has successfully walked a total of 120 km Friday (23 July), capping his participation in Nijmegen’s Walk of the World at about 14:00! For this feat, he acquired his second “Vierdaagsekruis” medal, an official Dutch decoration.

We are even more glad to report that aside from some ankle pain, he did not experience any other injury, not even a single blister on his feet! He bravely crossed the finish line, relieved that he would only need to walk part of the way back home to Utrecht and would not need to wake up very early the following day. Yet he already looks forward to joining the walk once again next year!

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Second day report

very warm first day, Nijmegen 4-day marchesWe are glad to report that Kyle has successfully crossed the finish line Tuesday officially at 13:53 and today at 14:34.

Expecting severe weather conditions on the first day of the walk (20th), the organizers of the walk decided to have the participants start one hour and a half earlier than usual. Kyle had to leave our foster family’s home (still the wonderful Nijmeegse couple, Co and Marianne) at 6:00 in the morning to try and evade the extreme heat of the sun (from 13:00 – 16:00).

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Kyle’ s Walk of the World 2010

On 20-23 July, 13-year old Kyle G. Baleva will join the International Four-Day Marches in Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. He will join about 45,000 participants and hike 30 kilometers per day for a total of 120 km in four days.

Kyle will do “The Walk of the World” in order to raise €3,000 for orphaned children in the Philippines. The money raised will buy toys, art materials, educational materials, clothes, food and medicines for children whose parents have disappeared or died due to violent causes.

Would you like to help Kyle’s “Walk of the World”?

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