Children’s Festival 2014, the Hague, Netherlands

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U bent van harte uitgenodigd voor een gezellige middag vol Koerdische en Filipijnse cultuur: muziek, dans, onderling plezier, eten en leuke spelletjes! We gaan tijdens de middag – op de plek waar wij nú thuis zijn – ook met elkaar informatie uitwisselen over de situatie van de kinderen die opgroeien in de Filipijnse en Koerdische leefgemeenschappen waar wij vandaan komen.

Op 28 september 2014, 12:00 – 18:00

Waar: Koerdische Arbeiders Vereniging, Radarstraat 23, 2525, Den Haag

We hopen met deze bijeenkomst juist voor díe kinderen – slachtoffers van oorlogen, conflicten, natuurrampen in Koerdistan en in de Filippijnen – méér steun mogelijk te maken. De ontvangen inkomsten gaan direct naar onze respectievelijke partnerorganisaties ter uitbreiding van hun werk ter plekke (psychosociale opvang en therapie, pedagogische en educatieve ondersteuning, activiteiten en trainingen voor capaciteitsontwikkeling).

Kom het met ons meebeleven!
Onze wortels verkennen en op vrede hopen!
Op weg naar een betere toekomst!

Toegangs-/solidariteitskaartjes zijn verkrijgbaar voor 5 euro per stuk.
Etensbonnen kosten 4 euro per stuk. U kunt daarmee kiezen uit 5 soorten Filipijns of Koerdisch eten.

(Extra) Donaties zijn ook van harte welkom! U kunt uw bijdrage overmaken op:
IBAN: NL98INGB0004278866
Ten name van: Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen
Onder vermelding van: KF Children’s Festival

Voor meer informatie, of kaartjes te reserveren, e-mail ( of bel gerust: +316-30911756 (Angie)

ENGLISH version

You are invited to experience Kurdish and Filipino cultures in an afternoon of music, dance, fun, food and games! Learn about the situation of our children back in our home communities as we come together here in our second home:

WHEN: 28 September 2014, 12:00 – 18:00

WHERE: Koerdische Arbeiders Vereniging, Radarstraat 23, 2525, Den Haag

Through this gathering, we also wish to raise support for children victims of war, conflict as well as natural disasters in the Philippines and in Kurdistan. Proceeds from this activity will be sent to the organizers’ respective partner organizations to support their work (psycho-social debriefing and therapy of children victims, educational assistance, capacity- building activities/trainings, etc.).

Entry/Solidarity tickets are available for 5 Euros each;
Food tickets for 4 Euros each, choose 5 kinds of Filipino or Kurdish to go into your plate

(Additional) Donations are most welcome! Be a sponsor for a minimal amount of 50 Euros, inclusive of 1 solidarity ticket and 1 food ticket.

IBAN: NL98INGB0004278866     Account name: Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen
Omschrijving: “KF Kid’s Fest” + (number of tickets) OR (“Sponsor”)

For more information and ticket reservations, please send us a message through email ( OR give us a call:  +316-30911756 (Angie)


Gates open at 12:00 noon

> Face painting, games, etc.
> Filipino and Kurdish Food, information and products market (open during the whole event)
> Registration for the workshops (op is op!)

13:00 to 14:30: Workshops (children to choose one among)

  • Muziek (Kurdish rhythm and Filipino songs)
  • Games (Kurdish and Filipino games)
  • Painting “Hope and Peace”

Special workshop for the youth: Dance

14:30 – 15:30: Break

15:30 – 18:00: Cultural Presentations and messages

  • Presentations from each workshop group
  • Special song and dance numbers from various Filipino and Kurdish artists and migrants/refugees
  • Closing Ceremony

International Federation of Free Women and Stichting Helin, SAMAKA-NL, Pinay sa Holland, Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen

For the benefit of the Children’s Rehabilitation Center and Salinlahi (Philippines) and Göç Vakfı and Stichting Migratie (Diyarbakir, Turkije)


Kyle’s Walk of the World 2014 (Final) edition: 18 July 2014, Fourth Day Report


Kyle walked through the Via Gladiola, completing the 160 kms 4-day walk at 3:30 in the extremely warm Friday afternoon of 18th July, so he could collect support for orphans in the Philippines.

He is one of the 39,910 participants who earned their corresponding Vierdaagse Kruis (Four days’ cross) — in his case, his fifth and final one. The last day of the 98th edition of the Vierdaagse Nijmegen (Four Days’ Walk of Nijmegen) was the warmest ever recorded. Measurements of body temperatures of some paricipants reached beyond 39 degreees celsius! Kyle also felt that this was his most difficult day since he joined the walk in 2009. He experienced for the first time “asphalt legs” — first degree burns behind his calves up to the lower back portion of his thighs.

Fortunately, after quenching his dry throat with some cold soda and water, and enjoying a refreshing shower at our foster home – he was able to recover his strength, enough to take our train trip back to Utrecht.

You may still send your sponsorship through the official 4daagse sponsor site (until 22 July, not 18 July as earlier announced):

OR through our bank account:

Account Name: Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen
IBAN: NL98INGB0004278866


OR through Paypal (through the DONATE button at the left-hand column of this page)

Once more, thank you to those who share Kyle’s cause! Together, we can always bring hope and healing to the orphans of human rights violations in the Philippines.

Kyle’s Walk of the World 2014 (Final) edition: 17 July 2014, Third Day Report


Today proved to be a surprisingly pleasurable day for walking, reports Kyle – thank goodness! Amidst all the warnings of warmer days ahead, some clouds came to the rescue and shielded the walkers from the glaring Nijmegen summer sun; humidity was also a bit lower than yesterday. Maybe it helped a lot that Kyle belonged to the batch who started off at 5:15 a.m. and maybe it also helped that today’s route has always been his favorite route (where there are hills and wonderful mini-forests along the way). Or maybe it was because the organizers provided for more water stations in anticipation of a warmer day.

In any case, we are very happy to meet Kyle and Boyen at the finish line at around 1:40 in the afternoon today. Kyle is one of the 41,110 people who started off during Day 2 (making a total of 1,188 people falling out from the 1st day’s 42, 298 actual walkers). We eagerly await the official statistics for the 3rd day.

Tomorrow, again in anticipation of warmer weather, the organizers have moved the atarting time to 15 minutes earlier, so, we will strive to ensure that Kyle can really take-off at exactly 6:00 a.m.! Then we can expect him to cross the “Via Gladiola” anytime between 14:00 – 14:30.

Kyle’s Walk of the World 2014 (Final) edition: 16 July 2014, Second Day Report


The second day of the Walk of the World (or Four Days Marches) was not as pleasurable as yesterday. Though Kyle was able to catch a few more sleeping time as he was scheduled to leave only at 6:15 in the morning, it turned out to be an exhausting day. This is because of the relative warmth ((in contrast to yesterday’s cloudy and cool weather) and the “very busy” route, according to Kyle’s father (and walking companion), Boyen. They clocked back in at the Wedren at around 15:45 (3:45 in the afternoon).

But it was a colorful day today – as many participants wore pink – Pink Wednesday as they call it here. Many cheerers have also occupied the seats meant to be used to welcome all the successful walkers on Friday. And, of course, you can hear music and feasting all around the city of Nijmegen.

We then treated our (most wonderful) Nijmegen family with a Filipino dinner. We served longganisa (Filipino sausages), fried rice, ginisang ampalaya (sauteed bitter gourd fruit), and tomato salad; and capped it with cassava cake for dessert. The longganisa and cassava cake were highly appreciated; while the ginisang ampalaya received mixed reviews – interesting and exotic for Marianne and Co, too bitter for Coby.

Kyle and Boyen are recovering their strength now – getting ready for tomorrow’s start at 5:15 in the morning.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who are accompanying Kyle with the walk – for all the greetings, the donations and the love coming our way! We would especially like to mention the warm efforts of our friends in Australia who have actually almost paralleled our collection (almost 500 Euros now) here in the Netherlands. THANK YOU!!!!

Children and schools caught in Philippine conflicts, UN concerned about AFP tactics

Surigao evacuation

12-May-11, 12:10 PM | Carlos H. Conde,

MANILA, Philippines – The soldiers descended on the Lumad (tribal) villages of Lianga where, according to human rights and tribal groups, they put up checkpoints that restricted the movement of residents and imposed a blockade that severely constrained the food supply to the communities.

The militarization of the villages in Lianga and two other towns of Surigao del Sur, in the southern Philippines, in 2008 and 2009 also forced hundreds of villagers to evacuate.

The children at two schools specially built for the Manobo tribe – the Alternative Learning Center for Agriculture and Livelihood Development and the Tribal Filipino Program of Surigao del Sur – suffered the most as a result of the militarization, according to advocacy groups. Because of the food blockade, children went to school on empty or half-empty stomachs. Worse, classes had to be suspended.

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Child Soldiers or Victims?

05-March-11, | Ina Alleco R. Silverio,

The children of political activists and human rights workers who have fallen victim to extrajudicial killings are orphaned, their young lives marred and damaged by the experience of losing their parents to state violence. As for the child victims of extrajudicial killings themselves, their brutal killing at the hands of the military prove the extent of the AFP’s impunity—not even the most innocent are spared.

A decade ago, novelist and comic book writer Neil Gaiman and a few others wrote and published under DC Vertigo an illustrated novel called “The Children’s Crusade.”

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Study exposes new forms of human rights violations vs children

The Philippine Star

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has committed “new forms” of human rights violations against children by labeling them “child soldiers,” a report by a child welfare group said Friday.

This as the United Nations Secretary General’s Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict will be visiting the Philippines for four days beginning tomorrow to ascertain the impact of the conflict on Filipino children and the association of children with armed groups.

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