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Booklaunch of “De legende van de waterdraak”

The Foundation for Filipino Children in cooperation with Women for Filipino Women and Children (WoW) and Dutch Venture Publishing (DVP) invite you to the booklaunch of “De legende van de waterdraak” coming November 5, 2022 in Moira Exporiment, Utrecht.

The book (9-12yrs) is written by authors Isolde Boers and Ilena Saturay, and illustrated by Ilena Saturay. Inspired by the Filipino children’s book “Sayaw ng Pantaron”, and based on the life of Lumad leader Bai Bibyaon, Isolde Boers and Ilena Saturay wrote a story that tells about the Lumad struggle; the struggle for self-determination and education that revolves around the legend of the waterdragon and based on true stories through the adventures of two girls, Leonie and Liway. 

Address: Wolvenstraat 10, 3512 CH Utrecht
Time: 14:00 til 15:30

In agreement with the publisher, DVP, the bookproject emerged as a non-profit bookproject. All proceeds from the sales of the book will be transferred to our partner Save Our Schools Network for paying the rent, food, transportation and schoolsupplies for the Lumad students who remain to seek sanctuary in the University of the Philippines in Quezon City, due to militarization in their home communities.

Entrance is free.
Donations are welcome.
The event is in Dutch, but questions in English will be taken too.

“Liway lives in the Philippines, in Mindanao. her grandmother is one of the few strong leaders of the Lumad, the indigenous people in the South of the Philippines. her grandmother struggles and fights for their right or their tribe to their ancestral land. Liway loves her grandmother very much, but she also sees that her grandmother is worrying a lot.

Leonie lives more than six thousand miles away, in the Netherlands. Leonie and Liway meet each other for the first time when Leonie travels to the same island were Liway lives, joining her parents during the summer vacation, who are supporting the Lumad evacuation school. It hasn’t been long ago since Leonie’s grandmother has passed away and Leonie enjoys talking to Liway’s grandmother.

Then one day, something happens what no one expected, especially Leonie…”

Hardcover copies are available for purchase directly from the Foundation; send us an email through inquire@filipinochildren.net to order your hardcover copy! Hardcover copies will also be sold at the book launch on 5 November 2022. Click here for more information about the book launch event.

The book is also available as hardcover, ebook and audiobook from the following online retailers: