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Invitation to a Webinar

Women for Filipino Women and Children (WOW), International Women’s Alliance (IWA) – Netherlands and the Foundation for Filipino Children (Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen)

cordially invite you to a WEBINAR

Amidst DUTERTE’s “War on Drugs”: A mother’s search for justice

On 06 June 2020

3:00 pm Amsterdam, Netherlands

To get the link for Zoom, please pre-register:  HERE

6:00 am Vancouver, Canada and Los Angeles, California / 7:00 am Guatemala City, Guatemala / 10:00 am Buenos Aires, Argentina / 1:00 pm Dakar, Senegal / 6:00 pm Karachi, Pakistan / 9:00 pm Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Manila, Philippines / 9:00 am EDT, Montreal, Canada and New York / 11:00 pm Melbourne, Australia / 4:00 pm Nairobi, Kenya and Amman, Jordan / 8:00 am Mexico City, Mexico / 3:00 pm Lusaka, Zambia

Llore Pasco is a strong and courageous woman. She is the mother of Juan Carlos and Crisanto Lozano, who were killed by the police on May 12, 2017. Like many other victims of Duterte’s war on drugs, Nanay (mother) Llore seeks justice for her two sons.  She is with us to share her pains as well as her hope in looking for justice, while holding on to the collective strength of other mothers and families grieving yet fighting for the loss of their loved ones.  She is here to share her story, her hope and her reason for fighting for justice.

Currently, Nanay Llore is an active leader of Rise Up for life and for rights, a network of families of victims of drug related killings and human rights violations and advocates to Stop the Killings!



Women for Filipino Women and Children, or WOW, is an organization based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It is a founding member organization of the International Women’s Alliance (IWA). Among its activities is generating solidarity support for women and children in the Philippines.

International Women’s Alliance – the Netherlands:

IWA Netherlands was just organized in 2020. Among its first activities was to participate in the celebrations of International Working Women’s Day on March 7, 2020 in Utrecht, the Netherlands and in Amsterdam on March 8, 2020. Among its other activities is linking up with women’s organizations in the Netherlands.

Foundation for Filipino Children: Established in 1993, committed to promoting the rights and welfare of the Filipino child. It is a proud member of the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP).


Rise Up for Life and for Rights is an alliance that was started to respond to the upsurge in Drug-Related Killings (or Extra-Judical Killings since all these killings are because of a state policy under Duterte’s so-called “War on Drugs”) in the Philippines. Initiated by Church and human rights advocates as well as social activists, it is envisioned as an organization of survivors/ victims/families affected by the Drug-Related Killings with the solidarity and broad support from  concerned citizens from across the country and around the world. Its secretariat is hosted by the Promotion of Church People’s Response in the Philippines.