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Kyle’s Walk of the World 2014 (FINAL) Edition: 15 July 2014, First Day Report

Kyle set-off at 05:15 in the morning, all ready to participate in the 98th edition of the Walk of the World (or Four Days Marches) in Nijmegen. He clocked back in at the Wedren at around 13:45 (1:45 in the afternoon).

53,844 people from all over the world have registered for the 98th Four Days Marches. Thus, 7,844 first-time entrants had to be excluded by a draw early in April. Interest in the Four Days Marches was greater than ever this year, beating the 2005 record by 508 registrations. The number of walkers disappointed by the draw also broke the previous record. The organizers limit registration to 46,000 people, prioritizing those who have done the walk at least once in the past, before taking in first-timers.

Kyle is one of the 43,013 walkers who confirmed their registration yesterday. From the 46,000 registrations, an average of 42,000 usually end up really doing the walk. Then around 200-500participants will still not be able to “survive” the day…

He went out of our foster home this morning determined to take the challenge of completing his final walk in the Four Day Marches in Nijmegen. Amidst forecast of relatively warm weather, he brought lots of water, a hearty lunch of rice with beef “tapa” (jerky) and a variety of muesli and fruit bars as snacks. He was also ready with a sun visor with the Philippine map imprinted on it.

He also greatly appreciates all the encouraging messages (and pledges of support) he received from friends, relatives and sponsors all over the world! With much pleasure and gratitude, we take this opportunity to announce that even before the 4Daagse actually started, we have already received a total of 400,00 Euros!

With this, we call on your kind generosity (again) to support Kyle’s walk in its FINAL year.

You may send your donation to:

Account Name: Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen
IBAN: NL98INGB0004278866

Please indicate: “Sponsor Kyle” then please send an email to kyleswalk@filipinochildren.net to inform us about your donation; we shall  likewise send you an acknowledgement as soon as we receive the amount in the bank. Since this will be the final edition of the walk, we will be collecting sponsorships until the end of August (so, please help us spread the word). For donations from outside the Netherlands, please include the BIC: INGBNL2A

You may also send your donation through the official 4Daagse site (but up until 18 July 2014 and for Dutch speakers only):