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Kyle’s Walk of the World 2014 (Final) edition: 16 July 2014, Second Day Report


The second day of the Walk of the World (or Four Days Marches) was not as pleasurable as yesterday. Though Kyle was able to catch a few more sleeping time as he was scheduled to leave only at 6:15 in the morning, it turned out to be an exhausting day. This is because of the relative warmth ((in contrast to yesterday’s cloudy and cool weather) and the “very busy” route, according to Kyle’s father (and walking companion), Boyen. They clocked back in at the Wedren at around 15:45 (3:45 in the afternoon).

But it was a colorful day today – as many participants wore pink – Pink Wednesday as they call it here. Many cheerers have also occupied the seats meant to be used to welcome all the successful walkers on Friday. And, of course, you can hear music and feasting all around the city of Nijmegen.

We then treated our (most wonderful) Nijmegen family with a Filipino dinner. We served longganisa (Filipino sausages), fried rice, ginisang ampalaya (sauteed bitter gourd fruit), and tomato salad; and capped it with cassava cake for dessert. The longganisa and cassava cake were highly appreciated; while the ginisang ampalaya received mixed reviews – interesting and exotic for Marianne and Co, too bitter for Coby.

Kyle and Boyen are recovering their strength now – getting ready for tomorrow’s start at 5:15 in the morning.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who are accompanying Kyle with the walk – for all the greetings, the donations and the love coming our way! We would especially like to mention the warm efforts of our friends in Australia who have actually almost paralleled our collection (almost 500 Euros now) here in the Netherlands. THANK YOU!!!!