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Kyle’s Walk of the World THIRD DAY REPORT

We are very glad to report that Kyle successfully hurdled his 3rd 40 kilometers today! He is quite confident to be able to finish all of the four days’ walk tomorrow. Before starting out in the morning, we have come to know that out of the 40630 people who actually started the walk 17th of July, 317 had fallen out after the first day and 908 more did not get to finish the second day. More are expected to have fallen out today.

Kyle arrived back at the Wedren (start and finish points in Nijmegen) at 3:11 in the afternoon, amidst large drops of rain. But he did not mind the rain too much, saying he even had a better day today than yesterday. This was in spite of the fact that they had to go through the so called “Seven hills” (Zevenheuvelen in Groesbeek) – a path seen by his father as being the hardest among the four routes.

We, too, are confident that he shall complete all of the 160 kilometers and walk through the Via Gladiola tomorrow. After a healthy dinner planned and prepared by our “sister”, Coby, Kyle is all set to go on the last stretch from 6:15 again tomorrow. Together with some very good friends, we will be awaiting father and son at around 3:00 in the afternoon, and welcome them with the traditional gladioli.

We would like to thank those who have sent in their donations already (even before Kyle actually finishes!). We have now received a total of 615 Euros in the bank and will be processing the 295 Euros worth of pledges in the official Vierdaagse sponsor site soon after tomorrow. We hope to be able to receive all donations by August 15, 2012 so we could send the proceeds to the Children’s Rehabilitation Center in the latter half of that month.

We hope you can help us further by spreading the news to your friends and encouraging them to contribute to the project as well.