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Kyle’s Walk of the World 2012 FIRST DAY REPORT

Day 1Kyle has successfully finished his first 40 kilometers on the first day of the Four-day Walk of the World! Hoera!

With an average speed of 5 kilometers per hour, he reached the “finish line” almost exactly 8 hours after they started off in the morning. Setting-off at 6:45, he reached Vossenpelsestraat in Lent (6.1 Km) by 7:47. They then proceeded to Angeren (9:27) and further to Elst (11:13), after taking a pause for lunch, they followed the route towards Oosterhout (13:12). In no time, they were back at the Wedren in Nijmegen at 14:44.

During the day, “uncles”, “aunts” and friends were sending their best wishes for Kyle and sent encouraging messages through the email, facebook and text messages. These were warmly welcomed by Kyle…thank you everyone, for your kind words!

Kyle ended the day with a hearty dinner of “longganisa” (Filipino sausages), fresh vegetable salad with balsamico sauce and rice and capped it with ice cream for dessert. He is now snugly tucked in bed because he needs to rise at 4:00 in the morning to be able to start at 5:15 tomorrow.

Money at the bank increased to 395 Euros, while the “sponsorloop” website revealed a total of 295 Euros. Thank you, dear sponsors! Do please continue to spread the word to your networks – forward these emails, follow us on Facebook and share our posts to your friends!

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