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Kyle’s Walk of the World 3rd day report

Tomorrow is gladiola day! The last day of the four-day marches…

On the third day of the Vierdaagse Nijmegen, Kyle clocked in at 13:59 (even if he started relatively late at 7:50 in the morning). They were the last of the luckier participants who were able to escape the heavy rains for the day. We just had to let the dark clouds pass by  in front of a bar (they had a large parachute covering some tables and stools) somewhere in the central commercial district of Nijmegen before we went back home.

Home for the past 4 days is with our foster family in Nijmegen — Co and Marianne, plus an additional “sister”, Cobi (who wasn’t too fortunate with the rains). We are all ready to face the last day in the 95th edition of the Walk of the World.

We invite everyone to join us in welcoming Kyle at the Wedren, in Nijmegen. We expect him to arrive at about 14:00, so, we would like to advise those who plan to come to be in Nijmegen before then. Don’t forget the gladioli!*

* The international Four Day Marches, known as the “Walk of the World”, is the largest marching event in the world. Participants walk 30, 40, or 50 kilometers daily and on completion receive the Vierdaagsekruis medal, an official Dutch decoration. As participants approach the finish on Friday (22 July), the public awards the walkers with gladioli, a symbol of force and victory stemming from Roman times when gladiators were showered with Gladioli.