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Kyle’s Walk of the World 2011

On 19-22 July 2011, 14-year old Kyle G. Baleva will join the 95th International Four-Day Marches in Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. He will join about 45,000 participants and hike 30 kilometers per day for a total of 120 km in four days. This will be the third time that he has embarked on this endeavor.


Kyle will again do “The Walk of the World” in order to raise funds for orphaned children in the Philippines. The money raised will buy toys, art materials, educational materials, clothes, food and medicines for children whose parents have disappeared or died due to violent causes.

Would you like to help Kyle’s “Walk of the World”?

You can:

  • Pledge €10,00 per day or €40,00 for the 4-day hike
  • Donate a fixed amount
  • Volunteer to collect donations, support Kyle’s training or help Kyle during the 4-day hike

Please send your donations to the bank account of:
Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen
Account number: 4278866
and please indicate: “Sponsor Kyle”

For international transfers (outside of the Netherlands)                                                                                                                  IBAN: NL98INGB0004278866   BIC: INGBNL2A

For more information or any message for Kyle, please contact us through:                                                                                       Email kyleswalk@filipinochildren.net or inquire@filipinochildren.net                                                                                              You may also call Angie:+316-30911756 or Boyen:+316-51331013

In the Philippines today, hundreds of children have been orphaned due to political killings and disappearances. Since 2001, the numbers of these victims have risen to proportions even greater than that during the 20-year Marcos dictatorship (1966-1986).

The newly elected President Benigno Simeon Aquino III (since June 2010) has so far failed to stop these human rights violations from continuing with impunity. The killings, enforced disappearances, among other human rights violations still happen while the thousands victims of the former dispensation continue to yearn for justice.

The Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRC) provides support for children and their family who have been victims of human rights violations. A special program, A Hand for an Orphan, provides support for children who were orphaned due to political killings and disappearances.

Through the donations received from Kyle’s Walk of the World, A Hand for an Orphan can continue providing the children an opportunity for survival and healing.*

Please help Kyle help other children!

* In 2010, the proceeds from Kyle’s Walk were used to finance a series of activities (art and advocacy workshops culminating in a Peace Camp) to give children under CRC’s care a voice in Philippine society. There were a total of 40 children aged 3 years old to 16 years old who participated in the Peace Camp. They are children-victims of human rights violations and children of victims of enforced disappearance, extra-judicial killings, and political detainees.