Kyle walks 120km for A Hand for an Orphan project

Kyle Baleva (left) with his Nijmegen foster family Marianne Jansen and Co Martens. At right is Angie M. Gonzales, Kyle's mother and Chairperson of the Foundation for Filipino Children.It is our honor to inform you that Kyle has successfully walked a total of 120 km Friday (23 July), capping his participation in Nijmegen’s Walk of the World at about 14:00! For this feat, he acquired his second “Vierdaagsekruis” medal, an official Dutch decoration.

We are even more glad to report that aside from some ankle pain, he did not experience any other injury, not even a single blister on his feet! He bravely crossed the finish line, relieved that he would only need to walk part of the way back home to Utrecht and would not need to wake up very early the following day. Yet he already looks forward to joining the walk once again next year!

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Second day report

very warm first day, Nijmegen 4-day marchesWe are glad to report that Kyle has successfully crossed the finish line Tuesday officially at 13:53 and today at 14:34.

Expecting severe weather conditions on the first day of the walk (20th), the organizers of the walk decided to have the participants start one hour and a half earlier than usual. Kyle had to leave our foster family’s home (still the wonderful Nijmeegse couple, Co and Marianne) at 6:00 in the morning to try and evade the extreme heat of the sun (from 13:00 – 16:00).

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