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Kyle’ s Walk of the World 2010

On 20-23 July, 13-year old Kyle G. Baleva will join the International Four-Day Marches in Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. He will join about 45,000 participants and hike 30 kilometers per day for a total of 120 km in four days.

Kyle will do “The Walk of the World” in order to raise €3,000 for orphaned children in the Philippines. The money raised will buy toys, art materials, educational materials, clothes, food and medicines for children whose parents have disappeared or died due to violent causes.

Would you like to help Kyle’s “Walk of the World”?

You can:

  • Donate €10,00 per day or €40,00 for the 4-day hike
  • Donate a fixed amount
  • Volunteer to collect donations, support Kyle’s training or help Kyle during the 4-day hike

Send your donations to the bank account of:
Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen
account number: 4278866
and please indicate: “Sponsor Kyle”

For inquiries on the fund-raising campaign for A Hand for an Orphan program, please contact us at:
Angie: 06-30911756
Boyen: 06-51331013

In the Philippines today, an average of three children are orphaned every week due to forced disappearances and killings that are political in nature. In the last ten years, 1,188 have fallen victim to political killings; 205 have forcibly disappeared, many of them mothers and fathers. Since 2001, the number of victims of human rights violations has continually rose to proportions greater than that of the 20-year Marcos dictatorship.

  • Philip and Karlo Sta. Rosa were just 6 and 7 years old on 3 August 2006 when men of the 9th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army barged into their home, tied up and beat up their father, and forcibly dragged him out into the night. Moments after hearing the sound of gunfire, the family found the lifeless body of their father, United Methodist Pastor Isaias Sta. Rosa near a creek.philip and karlo sta rosa.

    The death of their father greatly traumatized the children and they experienced difficulties in moving from one place to another. They filed a case against the perpetrators but justice remains elusive.

  • Sugar Calubad was three years old when her father and grandfather were abducted by armed men in June 2006. Her family was forced to permanently leave everything behind, including their sources of livelihood, in order to search for their loved ones. Sugar had to undergo intensive therapy to help her cope with her loss; to date, she receives counseling and takes part in group therapy activities.

The Children’s Rehabilitation Center provides psychosocial support for the children and their families who have been victims of human rights violations. A special program, A Hand for an Orphan, also provides educational and nutritional support for children who were orphaned due to these political killings and disappearances.

In 2009, Kyle’s Walk of the World was able to help six orphans under the A Hand for an Orphan Program with educational and nutritional assistance. This year, Kyle would like to help more children.

Please help Kyle help other children!